Do you know about a Japanese sake called "Juyondai"?

It is a sake produced by Takagi Brewery in Yamagata Prefecture and is very popular, said to be the highest quality sake in Japan.


 It became famous overnight after winning the gold medal at the national new sake competition in the 2010 and 2011 brewing years!

There are many types of Juyondai, including Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Junmai, and more.


The sake brewery of Juuyondai is called "Takagi Shuzo."

Junmai Daiginjo sake "Juyondai" is brewed at Takagi Shuzo in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. Takagi Shuzo was founded in 1615 and has been producing sake ever since. At the beginning of its history, it used the brand name "Asahitaka".

The brand name changed from "Asahitaka" to "Juyondai" when the brewery passed down from the 14th generation to the 15th generation.

Behind the creation of Juuyondai, which has won numerous gold awards, lies the unwavering commitment and dedication of Takagi Shuzo to craft sake with utmost attention to detail.


What is the origin of the name "Juyondai"?

The name "Juyondai" was coined by Kenjiro Takagi, the 15th generation head of Takagi Shuzo. In fact, when registering the name as a trademark, it is said that he applied for not only "Juyondai" but also all the words "Jusan-dai" (13th generation), "Jugo-dai" (15th generation), and "Juroku-dai" (16th generation).


The number "14" is the inspiration behind the name "Juyondai," and it was chosen by Kenichiro Takagi, the 15th-generation general manager of Takagi Brewery. Interestingly, when applying for a trademark registration for the name, Takagi Brewery applied for not only "Juyondai," but also for "Jusandai" (13th generation), "Jugodai" (15th generation), and "Jurokudai" (16th generation), despite the fact that numbers are not usually granted trademarks. However, only "Juyondai" was approved, leading to the brand name we know today.


The secret to the deliciousness of "Juyondai"

The secret to the deliciousness of "Juyondai" The secret to the deliciousness of Juyondai lies in its ingredients. The important elements in sake brewing are rice, water, and the skill of the brewer.

The region where Takagi Shuzo is located, Murayama City in Yamagata Prefecture, receives a lot of snow, and high-quality spring water flows out as famous water.

The water used by Takagi Shuzo is also sourced from these famous springs, which contribute to the quality of their sake.

And as for the rice, an essential element in sake brewing, Juyondai mainly uses sake rice such as "Sakemirai," "Ryuno-Otoshigo," and "Yamadanishiki."

It was the 14th generation of the Takagi family, Takagi Tatsugoro, who created the "Sakemirai" variety of rice, one of the main types of rice used in making Juyondai.


"Shuzo Mirai," which means "Future Sake," is a sake rice variety created by crossbreeding the Yamadanishiki rice, known as the king of sake rice, with the Miyamanishiki rice from Nagano Prefecture.


The type of rice used in making sake plays a crucial role in determining its flavor. Different types of sake rice are grown all over Japan, including "Gohyakumangoku" in Niigata, "Miyamanishiki" in Nagano, and "Omachi" in Okayama, and each type contributes to the unique flavor of the sake produced in that region.

For a long time, there was no standout sake rice in Yamagata prefecture, and so in order to create a representative sake rice for the region, they put their hopes into improving it. This is the background behind the birth of "Sakemirai"


No matter how famous the mother rice is, if the climate and soil for growing sake rice are different, delicious sake rice cannot be cultivated

It took 18 years to create a sake rice that was suitable for the climate and environment of the Tohoku region, and it was finally completed in 1999